La Crosse

Similar to the sport, there is a ton of fun and excitement to be had in La Crosse, Virginia! Found along Highway 58, just after you turn off from Highway 85, La Crosse and surrounding towns like South Hill, Lake Gaston and Baskerville are all conveniently located and ideal for raising a family. With woods and waterways, the rural escape of this region might be exactly what you and your family are looking for!

With a great location, this region has a diverse business climate that is constantly developing and improving. Two of the key employers in Harrisonburg include the city itself and the Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport. If you have little ones, the schools a few of the schools you can expect to find here that will be educating younger generations are South Hill Elementary School, Park View Middle School and Park View High School. La Crosse is great for anyone, from children to retirees, so regardless of your stage in life, this is the place for you!